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I Went To Shake Shake On Sunday
Peter Tatara - April 11, 2009

Thoughts I had while waiting in line at Shake Shack...

Fuck! This line is long!
Are people supposed to wear leggings as pants?
Why did I spend $400 on glasses?
They've got beer here? Awesome!
You know, I could go to the Subway across the street.
Bonobo Vegetarian Restaurant?
You can find wall scrolls anywhere in Chinatown.
Just tell Josh to meet us here. We ain't moving.
I'm hungry now.
So many tiny, tiny dogs.
They've got wine, too?
I don't like Chicago-style pizza, but a Chicago hot dog sounds good.
Kids are messy.
Hey, there's a comic shop over there.
I like yappy dogs.
Isn't a bonobo a monkey?
Kids are dirty.
Why did you spend $800 on glasses?
She's cute.
That kid is awesome.
The people behind us are from Germany.
Where's Josh?
Dad wants to help us move.
We going to the Easter Parade?
Still hungry.
It's called the Shake Shack, should we get a shake?
Huh? There are two lines?
I don't want to go to work tomorrow.
My eyes hurt.
That kid is awesome.
Pretend to speak French.
I'm getting a 'shroom burger.
Do we want cheese fries?
Can't we go to Rickshaw Dumplings, instead?
We're not moving!
That dog just ate a rock.
Remember when Kevin and I went to the Museum of Sex?
What does "spring fever" frozen custard taste like?
The fries smell awesome.
You mean I have to wait in another line after this?
Yes, a number of Ithaca graduates work at The Strand.
I'm not hungry any more.
Who else can I call?
I like black and white cookies a lot.
Is the line even longer now?
At least it's sunny.
Let's leave. Please.
We could have gone home, made dinner, and done the dished by now.
Did you hear about Kumar?
Get Kevin to come into Manhattan on Friday.
I already freaked out.
So, you're inspired by the Locust Queen?
How does the line enhance the experience? Tell me.
Think we could sell our spot in line?
The doctor told me you're a vampire.
I don't like that our new apartment is technically in Woodside.

Thoughts I had while eating a Shake Shack burger...

Fuck! This burger is good!

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