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Prose, poetry, and reviews. Slice-of-light vignettes about trying a new brand of ultra whitening toothpaste and harrowing tales of catching a primordial STD that time you visited Laos. Photos, sketches, and crayon scribblings. A digital treasure trove of the world's best avant garde / independent / underground / radical / tactical / experimental / neuvo-riche microcinema. Maybe even the occasional episode of GRFG's Old Timey Radio Show with Sound Effects. It's all here. And it's all free. And it's all got cussing.

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Title Type Date
It's Not Love Unless You Want To Cough Up Blood Words 12/05/2010
Battleship Names of Yesteryear Words 11/24/2010
Peter Drinks Joose Words 11/20/2010
A Musing About My Eventual Fatherhood Words 11/12/2010
The Man With The Zombie Tattoo Words 11/05/2010
Would You Share Your Home With A Ghost? Words 10/29/2010
Let's Name Baby Lions! Words 06/05/2010
The Doctor Who Lolita Slumber Party Words 04/03/2010
I Have Discovered A New Species Of Man Words 03/28/2010
What Do I Name My Micro-Bakery? Words 01/22/2010
Doctor Who Turns Me Into a Quivering Jelly Baby Words 12/30/2009
MacGyver the Adjutant Stork Words 12/17/2009
Vampires vs. Werewolves? Really? Words 11/20/2009
A Selfish Letter To The Quartermaster Of The Orbital Laser Corps Words 11/13/2009
A Reflection On The Halloween Of 2009 AD: Why A Benevolent Dictatorship Is The Best Form of Government Words 11/06/2009
Peter And Ali Go To Baltimore Pictures 08/26/2009
I Went To Shake Shack On Sunday Words 04/11/2009
Crappy Pictures Of An Awesome Evening: Hikaru Utada Comes To Sephora In NYC Pictures 03/29/2009
Scream Sexy: Peter Buys New Glasses Words 03/24/2009
Dim Sum Go Go Is No Go: The Search For My Birthday Dinner Begins Words 03/14/2009
I Don't Want To Live In A World Without Bigfoot Words 02/22/2009
Peter Writes About People On The Train Words 12/21/2008
Peter Tatara: Movie Star Words 12/14/2008
Deep Fried Oreos Words 12/07/2008
Mead Is Not Grog: Peter Makes Fun Of LARPers But Likes Their Beer Words 12/01/2008
Murdersaurus: Me, HD, And The 360 Words 10/25/2008
I Made A Movie Today Words 09/07/2008
Things To Do In The Rockaways Words 08/29/2008
Peter Writes About Stress And Sleep Words 08/27/2008
A Boring Account Of The Life And Death Of A Restaurant In Sunnyside Words 08/01/2008
My Favorite's Charlotte: Peter's Girlfriend Makes A Big Mistake Words 07/11/2008
LA: Peter Returns To The City He Hates Words 06/27/2008
Indian Chinese Food is Fucking Awesome! Words 05/21/2008
Speed Racer, CNN, And A Flight To Atlanta: A Story Of What Almost Was Words 05/11/2008
The Story of How I Bought A Wii Words 04/26/2008
The Rise and Fall of Urban Alchemist Words 03/16/2008
I'm Sorry, Front Mission! Words 02/23/2008
Fuck You, Front Mission! Words 02/12/2008
Poopy. Dookie. Shit. Cable. Words 02/10/2008
Peter Grows A Beard! Shocking! Astounding! Ravishing! Words 01/27/2008
I'm Spoiled: A Story of Harold, Kumar, NPH, and Me Words 01/21/2008
Balls, Gimmicks, A Meta-Universe, And Balls: Peter Talks About Cloverfield Words 01/18/2008
A Letter to Keira Knightley Words 01/08/2008
I Am Drunk Words 01/07/2008
Highlights from My Girlfriend's Father's DVD Collection Words 01/03/2008
Fuck! It's Christmas? Words 12/23/2007
Defeat On The Precipice of Awesomeness Words 12/17/2007
On The Precipice of Awesomeness Words 12/16/2007
Peter Invents A Horrible Cocktail Words 11/25/2007
Rachel Ray Owes Me A Frying Pan Words 11/12/2007
The Office: Xtreme Commuting! Words 10/30/2007
Forever Inside Bryant Park's Green Bosom: An Episode from The Heroic History of Peter Tatara's War against The Wild Words 10/14/2007
Peter Tatara Meets Hawkeye Pierce Words 09/17/2007
Part Doctor, Part Vampire, and All Awesome Words 08/29/2007
Peter, Hot Oil, Ashton Kutcher, and Reality TV Words 08/18/2007
Wheat Grass: Disappointed Again Words 08/08/2007
Giant Robots vs. God vs. The Girlfriend Words 07/30/2007
The Girlfriend From The Future Words 07/15/2007
Matt Murphy Flash Fiction Postcard Program #1 Words 06/25/2007
Lost in New York: The Stink of Spring Words 06/17/2007
All My Fears And Then Some Words 05/28/2007
A Letter To A Recent Graduate Words 05/21/2007
Abraham Lincoln and the Thanatos Elixir Words 05/12/2007
The War on Birds Words 05/06/2007
Spider-Man Screws New York City Words 04/29/2007
The Quandary of the Waterless Urinal Words 04/22/2007
I'm Sorry, Bochan: Peter Drinks Korean Gutrot Words 04/12/2007
A Humble Suggestion to John Edwards (and Stephen Colbert) Words 04/10/2007
Peter Goes Shopping and Meets BJ Hunnicutt Words 04/03/2007
The Doctor Is In: Toys, Changes, And Cartoon Porn Words 04/01/2007
A Singularly Impressive Sky: A Start of A Coquettish Spring Words 03/28/2007
A Fairy Tale of Blood and Bronze: Tatara Sees 300 Words 03/13/2007
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: Peter Goes To The North American Premiere Words 03/08/2007
Apologies to My Girlfriend: Peter Settles Down with Another Woman Words 03/05/2007
Year of the Peter: My Chinese New Year's Resolution Words 02/18/2007
Nazis vs. Monkeys: Tatara Talks About Television (Again) Words 02/07/2007
Gregory House: Ghost Doctor Words 02/02/2007
My Night With Kotaku: Peter Gets Within 20 Feet of Video Game Ubermensch Words 01/29/2007
Shiny, Happy Bubbles: Cleaning Fun With Peter Words 01/18/2007
Negadon Attacks: I Drink A Monster From Mars Words 01/09/2007
Cheesecake Race 2007: The Touching, Thrilling Conclusion Words 01/04/2007
Cheesecake Race 2007: Will It Survive? Words 12/28/2006
A Gooey, Saccharine Love Letter to Doctor Who Words 12/22/2006
Land of the Obese: Population America Words 12/21/2006
Gangs of New York Reenactors League: An Open Letter to the Five Boroughs Words 12/13/2006
Lost in New York: Peter Visits Historic, Haunted Governors Island - The Photo Gallery Pictures 12/04/2006
Lost in New York: Peter and the Literary Merchant Queen Words 12/02/2006
Vanquished Nobility: From Jimmy Carter to Korean Cartoons Words 11/30/2006
Giant Robots Fighting God 2.0: The Lacey Chabert Diet Words 11/25/2006
My Pretend Girlfriend: A Rant About Why I Stopped Reading Comics Words 11/23/2006
Lost in New York: Peter Goes To The Movies Words 11/22/2006
I Can't Read: Peter Reveals His Secret Shame Words 11/20/2006
Dear Microsoft, I'm Sorry: My 180 on The 360 Words 11/13/2006
Nagato Wonderland Words 11/08/2006
How I Spent November 4th: Standing Outside Nintendo World As Soccer Moms Played With The Wii Words 11/05/2006
Pee Pee Bus Words 10/31/2006
Wrangling a Buffalo: Unwritten Stories, False Starts, and Doctor Who Words 10/30/2006
Otaku and Gamer Clothing Company Urban Alchemist Launches: Anime Industry Veterans Announce The Creation Of A New Clothing Company Words 10/23/2006
Lost in New York: Peter Visits Historic, Haunted Governors Island Words 10/12/2006
Urban Alchemist: A Prelude To A (Gay) T-Shirt Business Words 10/10/2006
Monster Monster Moon Monster: A Story For Children Words 10/08/2006
Walking Home Today, I Was Offered A Free Gym Pass: Words of Suits, Streets, and Myths Words 09/21/2006
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - A Macross Fan's Review Words 09/18/2006
Strabimon and Friends: An Alphabetical Listing of My Favorite Digimon Words 09/02/2006
Lost in New York: The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York City Words 08/24/2006
Lost in New York: The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York City - The Photo Gallery Pictures 08/24/2006
Peter Escapes Certain Death in Flushing Meadows Corona Park! A Tale of Gripping Survival! Words 08/15/2006
Peter Meets Liberal Progressive Celebrities? (A Pretend Letter) Words 08/14/2006
Johnny Robo vs. The Morena Club: The People You Know Words 08/11/2006
Gasp! Shock! Horror! Peter Lands A Job With No Marketable Skills! (An Exercise in Sloth! Extended Edition!) Words 08/09/2006
Chrysalis: Chapter 1 Words 07/25/2006
Mormon for a Morning: Peter Meets the Local Mormons Words 07/21/2006
Rock Out Movie 07/20/2006
Satan's Awesome Party Sounds 07/19/2006
Ask Doctor Minovsky: Episode 5 Movie 07/17/2006
Ask Doctor Minovsky: Episode 4 Movie 07/17/2006
Ask Doctor Minovsky: Episode 3 Movie 07/17/2006
Ask Doctor Minovsky: Episode 2 Movie 07/17/2006
Ask Doctor Minovsky: Episode 1 Movie 07/17/2006
Fleet Week 2006: This Was Supposed To Be A Photo Gallery Words 07/13/2006
Tight Security: The Puffy AmiYumi NYC 2006 Photo Gallery Pictures 07/12/2006
Church, Hammered Sounds 07/09/2006
Garden Grill Sounds 07/07/2006
Johnny Robo 2: Episode 4 Movie 07/06/2006
Johnny Robo 2: Episode 3 Movie 07/06/2006
Johnny Robo 2: Episode 2 Movie 07/06/2006
Johnny Robo 2: Episode 1 Movie 07/06/2006
Cave Paintings of Fireworks: The 2006 New York City Fireworks from Queens Gantry Park Pictures 07/04/2006
Coca-Cola Blak: A Mediocre Vignette of City Life Words 07/03/2006
Warbirds and Invisible Girls Pictures 07/02/2006
Peter's List Of Cool Things You Get To Do When You Turn Into An Adult Words 07/01/2006
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Pictures 07/01/2006
Stupid Kunt Sounds 06/30/2006
Aufgeben! The Left Coast Pictures 06/29/2006
Surf Song Sounds 06/28/2006
A Most Unusual Encounter Words 06/21/2006
Johnny Robo: Episode 8 Movie 06/20/2006
Johnny Robo: Episode 7 Movie 06/20/2006
Johnny Robo: Episode 6 Movie 06/20/2006
Johnny Robo: Episode 5 Movie 06/20/2006
Johnny Robo: Episode 4 Movie 06/20/2006
Johnny Robo: Episode 3 Movie 06/20/2006
Johnny Robo: Episode 2 Movie 06/20/2006
Johnny Robo: Episode 1 Movie 06/20/2006
Morimoto NYC: An Oft-Sidetracked Recollection of My Expedition to Meet an Iron Chef Words 06/19/2006
I Would Rather Get Super AIDS Than Suffer Through X-Men 3: The Last Stand Again: A Long and Rambling List of Greivances Words 06/18/2006
Substantive Images: An Account of a Conversation on Otaku Culture and the Global Influence on and of Japanese Animation Words 06/17/2006
The Damned Cabbage of Gillingston Words 06/16/2006
The Path of Needles Words 06/15/2006
Giant Robots Fighting God: The Secret History Words 06/14/2006

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