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Steve Pause

Steve Pause, who goes by drinking name of Ulysses McQueen, was born on a blistering hot day in June 1983.

He has studied abroad in numerous countries and nearly died while in Amsterdam. In Ireland, the James Joyce Institute rejected his internship request, saying that he acted as if the place was below him (to this day he is left baffled and vehemently replies, "Below them? It's the fucking James Joyce Institute!"). In the Dominican Republic, he drunkenly introduced his female teacher to a street pimp in exchange for cocaine and women, and in Puerto Rico, he saw God in the sunrise while on a ferry between Vieques and the mainland.

Despite all this, the highlight of his life was when Harlan Ellison called him "full of shit."

Since graduating college in 2005, he has held no less than four jobs, including a brief stint as a journalist, in which he met Kari Wuhrer, about whom he wrote an article (mainly about her breast implants). In this time he has also come to realize that he should have applied to graduate schools a long time ago and was turned down for a Fulbright Scholarship. The federal government's rejection letter wished him the best of luck getting back to Europe on his own dime.

Legend has it that one fateful night not too long ago he walked to a crossroads near to his house and made a deal with Mephistopheles (disguised as a old man walking a dog) in exchange for the ability to write well and overcome a year-long writer's block.

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