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My Favorite's Charlotte: Peter's Girlfriend Makes A Big Mistake
Peter Tatara - July 11, 2008

My girlfriend bought all of Sex And The City earlier in the year. She's been a fan of the show since college and thought it would be cute to subject me to it leading up to this summer's Sex And The City: The Movie. She, bluntly mandating I was going to see the thing with her, told me I had to watch the whole series first as -- otherwise -- I wouldn't properly understand the feature film.

And so, since May, we've been watching one episode of Sex And The City a night. Beyond the common, shared, genetic knowledge that guys hate the series, I really had no clue what it was all about. I presumed, going in, Sex And The City, was going to be akin to Cashmere Mafia or Lipstick Jungle, two recent shows my girlfriend tried to get me to watch until she, herself, found them sucktastic. I did like the opening theme to Lipstick Jungle, though.

I was shocked when I found Sex And The City was absolutely nothing like either of these recent flops, and my girlfriend was shocked -- even more -- when I liked it. I still hate Carrie's fourth-wall-breaking moments in the first two seasons, but other than this minor grievance, I've got ask why guys kick and scream about Sex And The City so much. I mean, really, what is the show about? Four gals who like to fuck. I've got no problem with that. Add onto that occasional, exposed bits of boobs and ass and you've got a show I can't wait to watch. And top it off with a Manhattan setting, and you make me feel all snuggly and self-confident about living in the New York City.

(The show was shot in New York, too, with most of the filming taking place at Silvercup Studios -- just a few blocks from my apartment.)

I recall looking at the smile drain from my girlfriend's face when I told her, "My favorite's Charlotte." She was aghast that I knew the characters' names and, even more, that I had picked a favorite. (Of course, I doubt she knows Charlotte's my favorite not because I empathize with her, but simply because Kristin Davis is hot.) My girlfriend had bought Sex And The City to torture me, but I'm eating it up. I'm the one now throwing the DVDs on, and, if I'm lucky, squeezing in two or three episodes before bedtime.

And, as we set out to see Sex And The City: The Movie, I was the one leading the way. I wanted to see the movie more than my girlfriend, and after it was through, I enjoyed it more than her, too. I liked every minute of the flick and hope there's a second.

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