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I Made A Movie Today
Peter Tatara - September 7, 2008

So, I made a movie today. My company needed a commercial and some online videos for an upcoming event, and because no one said no, I ran the show. It took only an hour and a half of time early in the afternoon and a cast of no more than six people, but it was memorable. More than that, it was exhilarating. My shoes smell of grass. My hands are crisscrossed with ribbons of ink which missed their mark as I edited the script. Muscles which have atrophied from a life in an office are now tense and sore. My lips are curving up into a hint of a smile. I'm excited to go home tonight and not sleep until I edit the whole thing together.

I haven't felt this good in a while. This -- moviemaking -- is what filled me with joy as a child, and I masterminded more zero budget productions through grade and high school than I can count on my fingers. I went into college majoring in cinema production, a major I'd ultimately shift to screenwriting due to zero budget productions still somehow costing too much money, but come graduation, my path shifted and has since wibbled and wobbled through marketing, web design, and event management.

I've got a good job with a steady paycheck -- something I'd immediately sacrifice if I decided to revert back to my boyhood fancy -- but, as I said, my lips are curving up into a hint of a smile. I liked making my silly, little commercial. Although I doubt my girlfriend probably wouldn't see much romantic about me throwing away my career and going into debt for a dream. Maybe I should sleep on it and wake up tomorrow asking "What the fuck was I thinking?"

Oh, wait, I can't sleep. I've got a movie to edit.

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