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Fuck! It's Christmas?
Peter Tatara - December 23, 2007

As anyone who knows me can attest, as of late, I've become (more of) a recluse (than usual). My mail's stacked in piles around my apartment. My unread e-mails number in the thousands. I've had no time to write. I don't know who won Survivor: China. And (much to her delight), I've forgotten the taste of my girlfriend's lips. This has all been because of my role in the launching of the New York Anime Festival.

Through all the planning, I told myself my personal life could wait, but now that the New York Anime Festival is over, I can only say one thing.

Fuck! It's Christmas?

The New York Anime Festival ended December 9, and I'm only now rising from a post-show coma, quickly realizing that I'm quite thoroughly fucked. Christmas is less than a week away, and I've got to somehow find a way to celebrate the event with two separated parents and my girlfriend's family simultaneously. I've also got two work parties, dinners with a half dozen big shot business partners, and need to plan a holiday shindig for a dozen high school girls who all share the same peculiar fascination with wearing Victorian underthings. Really. All these things, too, need to happen during the time I'm simultaneously meeting with all the parents.

At some point, there was talk of everyone coming to New York City, which I thought was awesome, but it didn't last. So, now, I've got to make all the parties, plans, and travel happen. And presents. Fuck. I have to get presents.

I'm writing right now from a Tony Bourdain book signing, taking care of one present right here, but that still leaves three dozen more. I had a list drafted up in October of everything I wanted to get everyone, but most of the items on the list were high-end Japanese knickknacks, and there's no longer enough time to get them across the Pacific. Even more than that, though, I also lost the list. So, what am I to do? Somehow pull some sort of NYC-themed Christmas out of my ass.

Since you didn't want to come to New York, I brought it to you!

Maybe I'll take the literary approach and get all my gifts in one fell swoop at The Strand. Or maybe it could be a Tony Bourdain Christmas. Signed copies of No Reservations for everyone! Eh, his liberal use of the word "fuck" probably wouldn't go over well with Granny. Looks like I'll do the NYC thing. All gifts made in New York City from local artisans and starving artists and that kind of hippie bullshit. Hippie, huh? I can knock out most of my shopping in Union Square. I'll do that tomorrow night.

And if there's anyone I can't find presents for, I'll just get them New York Anime Festival T-Shirts. The New York Anime Festival Online Store's going online soon. It'll have shirts, sake sets, plushies, calendars, and maybe even some stuff signed by the Japanese guests. And everything ordered from the New York Anime Festival Store will be personally and lovingly picked, packed, and shipped by me. Crap, how'd this turn into a NYAF sales pitch? If anything, I was counting on this devolving into a love letter to Tony Bourdain.

I love you, Tony.

Well, the book signing's over, Tony wrote me some decidedly un-genteel words about vegetarians, and I'm on my way home. There's a woman with a Toy Pomeranian on the subway with me. Toy Pomeranians are my favorite dog. There's also a girl from the book signing. Maybe I should talk to her about Tony. Nah, I'm going to try to pet the dog. No, I shouldn't. While cute, the dog's probably dirty, and I've got too many thing to do tonight to take the time to wash the dog germs off my hands.

I've got to get ready for Christmas. Presents to buy. Tickets to confirm. Reservations to make. Fun stuff. And if you're still making your Christmas plans, might I suggest you come to New York City and buy something from the New York Anime Festival Store?

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