giant robots fighting god

Peter Tatara

Peter was born on January 2, 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His formative years were spent in various Catholic schools, leaving him Shinto and with a debilitating fetish for girls in ties. He's left handed, a vegetarian, and his blood type is A. He likes screenwriting, animation, cashews, penguins, rice cookers, WWII, NPR, the New York Rangers, the Kashima Antlers, and Universal Health Care. He dislikes Scientology and Sylvia Plath. Peter now resides with fellow Giant Robots Fighting God contributor Kevin Sopko in New York City. He is currently dating a quiet Chinese girl who looks fucking fantastic in formal wear. He'd like one day to meet Alan Alda.

Peter enjoys visiting Geek On Stun, The Korean Central News Agency, Kotaku, Luxuria Music, Operation Clambake, and The Sneeze. Peter invites stalkers to visit his MySpace Page.

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