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Kevin Sopko

Kevin Sopko is a 21-year-old know-it-all from New Jersey. (He knows everything because he knows nothing.) He dabbled in sports for most of his early life. Ice hockey, soccer, high hurdles. You know, things most confused and troubled youths find themselves in the middle of. That stopped at college, where he met fellow Giant Robots Fighting God writer Peter Tatara. It's been said that Peter's aura of weakness affected the poor boy like kryptonite does Superman, rendering him unable to continue with physical activity. Thusly, he delved fully into the other hobbies he held through his life, anime and RPGs, following Peter Tatara to Central Park Media. Beginning as an intern, he rose the ranks to a full time Sales Coordinator. (They say bribes of Fruit Stripe gum and a tequila shots contest were involved, but those in the know lay the blame on Libertarianism.)

Kevin also writes for a website named The RPG Duelling League, where his full geekdom is explored. GRFG is merely a tenth of what he is capable of in terms of geekdom, but 110% of his ability to waste time and bullshit. Which is the greater power? I believe you already know the answer to that, loyal reader.

Kevin goes by the unfortunate nickname of Soppy. Why? He doesn't really know. It makes sense and all, but ever since he was nine, every group he's frequented in real life and online has come up with it, and they've all thought they were being original. GRFG is no different. So why are you wasting time with such an unoriginal site? I believe you already know the answer to that, loyal reader.

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